Are you or do you have the potential to be accidentally exposed to high potency drugs in the workplace? Do you know the risks associated with fentanyl or its analogues? Are appropriate measures in place to safely handle, process and secure found or seized high potency drugs? Do you know what actions to take in case of unprotected contact or medical emergency? This course provides understanding of the dangers of fentanyl and high potency drugs, precautions for workplace protection of personnel, and how respond in emergencies.


  • Basics of opiate and fentanyl chemistry and pharmacology
  • Emergence of the opioid epidemic and fentanyl in the United States
  • National and state-level patterns of law enforcement fentanyl encounters community overdoses
  • Contribution of fentanyl to the rise in drug deaths
  • Legal and illicit supply chains and implications for potential exposure
  • Exposure dynamics in workplace settings
  • Exposure and health risk assessment
  • Protection practices for various exposure scenarios and settings
  • Decontamination practices
  • Symptoms of overexposure
  • Emergency response


1 Day


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