Machine & Process Safeguarding Course

Contraventions of regulatory requirements relating to the safeguarding of machines, accounts for a substantial share of all labor prosecutions. From our perspective, the basic problem is that the general level of knowledge in the industrial sector relating to machine safeguarding remains low.  We created this course with the goal of improving this situation. 


  • Classes and categories of guards and process safety devices
  • Regulatory requirements and industry standards for machine safeguarding
  • Decision logic and design steps for machine and process safeguarding
  • Technical features, requirements and specifications for selected safeguarding approaches
  • Evaluative tools and checklists and design exercises


Public Price Per Attendee
$595.00 Early Bird (effective until 20 calendar days before course date)

In-House Price Per Attendee
Please Inquire (minimum registrations apply and may include additional charges for travel and customization).


1 Day

Dates and Locations

Registration cut-off 10 calendar days before event. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Also available for customized in-house presentations.


Dr. Sivan Almosnino

Dr. Sivan Almosnino is a Heath, Safety and Ergonomics Consultant at Resource Environmental Associates Ltd. His current work primarily comprises identification of hazards and risk assessments in diverse work setting, as well as training of employers and employees on relevant health and safety topics. Dr. Almosnino obtained his PhD in Biomechanics and Ergonomics from Queen's University, where he remains actively involved in biomechanics and ergonomics research, including: design and evaluation of military load carriage and personal protection systems; development of objective criteria for readiness to return to duties following knee injuries, and assessment of optimal glove configurations for use orthopaedic surgeons.