Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Course

This course has been designed to a) familiarize participants with health effects caused by various agents typically known to cause indoor air quality concerns including molds, and b) provide an understanding of the various methods available for the assessment of indoor air quality and mold issues, and strategies to control them.


  • Typical building occupant complaints and possible causes
  • Regulatory framework “supporting” indoor air quality issues
  • Operation of instruments used in indoor air quality assessments and the interpretation of data generated by those instruments
  • Strategies for the control of typical indoor air quality concerns, and mold abatement practices


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1 Day

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Dr. John H. Murphy

John is President of the REA companies in the United States, Canada and Barbados, Adjunct Professor of Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Toronto School of Public Health, and an occupational hygiene, health and safety consultant and instructor for military and law enforcement organizations.  He holds four degrees: Bachelor of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Health Science in occupational hygiene, and Doctor of Philosophy degree in public health.  He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and a Registered Occupational Hygienist.  His unique expertise and perspective on the course topic has been gained through work as an advisor on fentanyl risk assessment and protective measures with national police, border services, and transport regulatory agencies.  

Joanna Tam

Joanna Tam is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and member of the American Board of Industrial Hygiene. Over the course of her 18 year career as an occupational hygienist she has completed hundreds occupational health and safety and hygiene projects. She acquired her Master of Health Science from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, Occupational & Environmental Health in 2001 and her Honors Bachelor of Science in 1999 from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts and Science, Health Sciences. In 2011, she completed the Train the Trainer, Tools and Techniques for More Effective Training Certification from the Centre for Workplace Excellence. This course covered adult education principles, course development, design and delivery.

Paul R. Bozek

Paul Bozek is an Assistant Professor (Full-Time), University of Toronto Graduate School of Public Health Sciences, where he teaches substantially the entirety of the following courses to MHSc / MSc / MPH Graduate Candidates: CHL 5915 - Control Methods in Occupational Hygiene, CHL5901 - Occupational & Environmental Hygiene II, and CHL 5910 - Introduction to Occupational & Environmental Hygiene.  He has held the rank of Assistant Professor since 2006.  Prior that time he was a part-time lecturer at the University of Toronto, while at the same time carrying out his consulting practice on full-time basis at Resource Environmental Associates Limited.  In connection with his work as a University instructor, Paul has principal responsibility for two courses, and consequently has received instruction on University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies principles and policies pertaining to curriculum planning, instructional methods, and student evaluation practices.  As such, he has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching adults, and has formal qualifications as an educator.