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Legionella & Legionnaires Disease - Fundamentals for Facility Operations

This course provides an introduction to Legionella and its presence in the workplace environment.  It reviews Legionella ecology, contamination risks factors, health effects, infectious exposure scenarios, and how to assess building risk.

The Fentanyl and High Potency Drugs Operational Safety Training Course

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the dangers of high potency drugs, precautions for protection against, how to identify overexposure and respond in emergencies.

Cannabis Legalization in the Community - Implications for Workplace H&S

This course examines the issues of cannabis legalization from a variety of perspectives and for different audiences.

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Resource EHS America is a professional consulting and training firm practising exclusively in the area of occupational health and safety.  For three decades we have helped public agencies, private corporations, the military and law enforcement organizations establish safe work environments, protect their personnel, and preserve assets.

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